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Our translation concept

Accuracy: for a good translation, the translator has to be carefully chosen and trained.

A-Translation has a valuable advantage in this regard. Its team of translators - in-house and external - consists of highly qualified professional people, who translate only into their native language. These people have often worked in the professions or in industry - they know how things work.

Our translation process

When a document is received from our customer we pass it to a translator specializing in the field, who can deliver a translation which is faithful to the original text from both the terminological and the linguistic point of view. Before starting the translation, our translators first read through the original document to pinpoint any doubts they may have about the translation (terminology, method to be used, etc.) in order to prevent any last minute problems. We keep very close contact with both the customer and the translator during the translation process. This communication is essential for us to ensure that the translation delivered is in accordance with our high standards.

Our team of translators

A-Translation has a team of approved, highly specialized translators with whom we have been working for several years. All our translators work into their native languages and we only use them for work which falls within the confines of their specialist knowledge – where we are certain that they are fully conversant with the field concerned. These two factors (the target language and the field of specialization) are the most important concepts which enable us to select the right translator.

For large projects, we set up a team of translators who work closely with our management and who use translation memories to ensure that the translation provided to the customer is consistent as regards terminology, style, titles, page lay-out, etc. The translators are supervised by a Project Manager.

New translation memory software makes it easier to achieve consistent vocabulary: translation memories are kept strictly up to date and passed to translators throughout the project.

Specialist translators

Our A-Translation team includes translators who can translate most of the languages in the world, but as mentioned above, they very often have additional skills, which they have acquired during their professional education and their working life. If you send us a document to be translated, for instance for French to English translation, we check our translation team to find the person best placed to do the translation - we have translators for most languages, who individually have experience and training in the legal profession, general and specialist law, technology of all sorts, science, nuclear science, mechanics, chemistry, engineering, robotics, accounting, auditing, biology, botany, farming - arable and pastoral, quality management, medecine, medical documentation, medical research, pharmacy, architecture, dental work, finance and financial analysis, information technology (IT), computer hardware, nursing, psychology, quantity surveying, veterinary studies, in addition to such subjects as health and safety, cultivation of edible plants, of grape vines for wine, of orchards, etc.

Our specialities include legal translation services, technical translation services, website translation services, business translation services, medical translation services and many more, too numerous to mention.