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The page layout of the translation is often required to be practically identical to the original.

In addition to our translation service, A-Translation also has a DTP (Desk-Top Publishing) department which provides a “turn-key” document service. Using this service, your translated DTP document is ready to be printed. We can use QuarkXpress, FrameMaker, PageMaker, Publisher or PowerPoint.

Other languages often require more or less space than the original language. For instance French will need more space than English, due to the way the languuage is constructed. German often uses very long words which consist of combinations of single words into one "portmanteau" word, and those long words, where they have to be carried over partially onto a new line, must have the hyphen in the correct place.

Other languages write from right to left, and the document often needs to be adjusted to take this into account.

We can supply English to French translation, English to German, English to Spanish, etc.; in fact almost every written language on the planet. Of course, we can also supply French to English, German to English, Spanish to English, and so on. We have been asked for Japanese into Arabic, and that was supplied to a very content customer.

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